torsdag 8 mars 2012

KitKat Hojicha Roasted Tea

Hojicha is tea flavored from roasted green tea leaves.
This is a very rare KitKat flavor that is only available in one small region of Japan!
Based on beige tea milk chocolate.
There's a distinct smell of black tea, not green which is weird.
My KitKat doesn't look very tasty, but it's only "temperature damage".
The taste... Well it's very strange. It tastes like eating tea leaves dipped in chocolate.
But, of course it doesn't feel like it, because there are no tea leaves in the chocolate.
Only waffers. It's not bad, just strange.

2 kommentarer:

  1. It tastes distinctly like... houjicha, much different than oxidized black tea. It's available across Kansai, not a small region of Japan by any means. I dunno how your kraut hands mangled the bar so much, they don't generally look mutilated.

  2. I am a Swede, not a kraut ;)
    And the damage is from difference in temperatures.