torsdag 15 december 2011

Magic Citronmeliss/Fläderblom Energy Drink

Magic was the first energy drink i ever tasted. It's a kind of Red Bull copy, but better. In the lasts few years i haven't really seen it around, so it was a surprise when i saw it again and in a new flavor!

Magic Citronmeliss/Fläderblom (Lemon balm/Elderflower in English) is, like i wrote earlier a new flavor for 2011. It has a very citrusy smell, but you can also notice a hint of elderflower.
A very pleasant smell actually. But what about the taste? It's good, like a Red Bull that tastes good.
Lots of Guarana flavor, with lemon and some elderflower. There is kind of a beer flavor, which is strange, because i don't like beer. I like this, but It's not my absolute favourite.

I must say that it doesn't really mix well with yoghurt. But that's another story.

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