tisdag 30 oktober 2012

Vampire Bleeding Candles

Saw these in a store and thought to myself.
These look awesome. These look Halloweeny.
I had to buy them despite the fact that they were a bit expensive.
But come on... Bleeding candles!

They look like regular candles, but inside they are carrying something more sinister? Lightning them is no problem at all.
It takes a while for the white wax to disappear so we can get to the "blood" part.
You see, this is a very sinister contraption.
The white wax is not dripp but the red wax, hidden within dripps like theres no tomorrow.
You are left with a pretty dramatic scenery. Almost like blood from a real wound.
One remark is that when the red mixes with the white you get pink.
And pink is no blood colour.

Below are pictures of the effect:
Happy Halloween!

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