lördag 27 oktober 2012

Halloween Muffins

Halloween is the time for candy. Candy and pastries.
Now, these are some haunted muffins.
Many ghosts died to bring us these muffins.

They are regular muffins filled with scary chocolate chips.
And drenched in bloody icing.
Each one of them has a white chocolate ghost guarding them.

Can you hear them calling out? Eeeeaaat uuuus! Eeeeaaat uuuus!
At first we were to scared to eat them.
Bu we knew we had to. We had to overcome our fears.
After all, they are only pastries... Aaaargh! One of them bit me!
Heh, only kidding. I was the only one doing the biting.

The muffins are nice, very moist.
And the chocolate chip is the right amount of cocoa.
Both the bloody icing and the white chocolate ghost tastes sweet and complete the muffins.

Our stomachs feel haunted now...
It tickles.

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