torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Mars Refuel

Ohh, man... This is a treat!
They used to sell this chocolate based drink in Sweden, between 2000-2002.
If my memory serves me right, they where called Mars Chocolate Drink then, but i might be wrong.
I liked it a lot, no scratch that... I loved it!
That's why I was very sad when they stopped selling them after 2002.
I went as far as contacting the manufacturer and the distributer about it, but no dice.

Fastforward 10 years. Picture the scene: Paris, France. A small stand selling crepes.
Myself, getting a craving for crepes and what do I see? A chocolate drink called Mars Refuel!
On the outside I was serious, like the grown up I am. But on the inside I was giddy like a child.
(Ok, I was giddy on the outside to... You got me.)

The drink wasn’t cheap mind you, but I had to have it.
I bought one, thinking I would find more (read: cheaper), but I couldn’t find anymore.
So, I was lucky enough to get one home only to find out a local store har started selling them.
But now I could get a 10-year-later-taste to see if it was as good as I remembered.

It sure smelled the same, like chocolate milk, Only sweeter and a bit fudgy.
The taste was so nice. I don’t know if it tasted the same but it was still so good.
It’s like drinking a liquified Mars bar. The chocolate drink is rich and sweet.
And it has a little more edge to the taste than other chocolate based drinks.

It was a great reunion and I’ll be sure to try it again.

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