torsdag 25 oktober 2012

Scary Halloween Chocolate Selection

Here's a chocolate selection even the most vile monster would find sweet.
The cover on the box is awesome.
It's got most things halloween.
Everything from evil pumpkins, ghosts to spiders and their webs.
They even got Dracula and his(?) haunted mansion.

The bottom part of the box, turns into a scary mask with little time and effort.
The mask is supposed to be the Wolfman, but i think he looks more happy than scary.
Maybey he liked the chocolate alot.
Will I like the chocolate too?
Ohh, there's also two creepy glow-in-the-dark stickers.
They are awesome and will be put to good use at work.
I like the idea of combining candy and toys.

The box contains 13 pieces of chocolate bonbons(gah! Friday the 13th!) with pumpkin wrappers.
It also contains 5 "bugs", 2 featuring Dracula, 2 skeletonish and 1 spider.
They all smell like regular german chocolate.
The pumpkin bonbons are either filled with sour red cherry or green apple flavoured filling.
I love these, they are really good.
The bugs are all regular chocolate.
I didn't love these, but they are still ok.

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