tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Blood Energy Potion

Halloween is upon us. Insert manical laughter!
Today I choose to be a vampire. A tired vampire.
I need to suuuck your blooood! You're blood energy potion?
This energy potion is supposed to have the same nutritional content as natural blood.
I'm not to sure about that, but let's try it out.

First of all, the bag looks lovely.
Just like an intravenous bag (well almost).
And the liquid itself is nice.
I think it looks a least close to real blood.

But i don't think real blood smells this fruity.
Yes, the "blood" is fruit punch flavoured.
It has a strange fruity scent that I can't place.
But the taste, it's like mango and raspberries blended together.
If this is what blood tastes like, sign me up for vampire land!

And for all of you real vampires out there who wants to try it, it has absolutely no garlic in it.

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