torsdag 8 november 2012

Ragusa Jubilé

Whenever I eat Ragusa, I become nostalgic.
When I was young, long before there was a bridge between Sweden and Denmark, me and my family used to take the ferry to Dragör.
Ragusa had not yet made it to Sweden, but on the ferry you could buy it.
This made it very special and a must buy each time we took the ferry.

Ragusa is a treat.
A chocolate bar containing a hazelnut truffle filling with whole hazelnuts covered in dark chocolate.
There's a great smell of halzenuts and also a musky dark smell. It mixes well.
The most special thing about Ragusa, is its texture.
It literally starts melting as soon as you unwrap it (get ready for sticky fingers).
It continues to melt in your mouth mixing all the sweet and dark flavours.
The whole hazelnuts tops it of giving the smooth texture something cripsy.

After all these years I still love it.

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