tisdag 30 oktober 2012


Scary skulls with liquorice/raspberrie flavouring.
I like these everyday of the year, but at Halloween they're something special.
I'm almost afraid to open the bag (even if the skull on the packaging looks a bit baked).
But Halloween is no time to be afraid.
At Halloween you have to embrace your fears.

Upon opening the bag I'm meet with a smell of liquorice and a fainter smell of raspberries.
I could hear manical laughing from the bag, or maybey it was just the tv?
I reached into the bag and pulled two skulls from it.
My fingers were still intact.

The skulls have a perfect mix of liquorice and raspberrie-flavour.
The taste goes from salty to sweet in seconds.
These should be in everyones mouth at Halloween.

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