torsdag 28 juni 2012

Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon

Bacon has become very popular in recent years, with everything from bacon candy to bacon toothpicks.
This my friends, is Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon.
Gummy candy "shaped like bacon" with a strawberry flavour.
First of all, the name is awesome and the packaging is crazy.
A pig that's also a farmer who wants to give you his gummy bacon.
The packaging even has a Bacon Viewing Windows so you can look at how the product really looks before making a purchase.
Much better than exaggerated graphics of the product.

The package includes four slices of gummy bacon, that kind of looks like bacon.
They are supposed to be fat and cholesterol free, but i don't really trust a pig who is also a farmer...
The slices smells of strawberry, but it's a very chemical smell.
The taste is unfortunately pretty bland and they hardly taste of strawberrys at all.
Still it's not everyday you get to try gummy bacon, that kind of tastes like strawberrys.
They should have gone all the way and gone for bacon flavour instead.
That would have been crazy.

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