torsdag 19 juli 2012

Pepsi Energy Cola

Yes, todays post is late... Sorry about that.
Pepsi Japan is officially aboard the energy drink bandwagon.
Now, Pepsi has made other energy drinks before...
But this one is cramed, not only with caffein but also with ginseng extract, arginine, guarana extract and royal jelly extract.
It looks just like a regular Pepsi, which is somewhat boring, but it's cola so it's cola coloured.
There's definitely a Pepsi kind of smell to it, but also a kind of fruity smell.
I don't know if I would call the taste good.
It's kind of like a regular Pepsi without it's fizz mixed with a little fruitiness.

I don't even know what the after taste is supposed to be.
It's not bad, just weird.
So, does it give you a buzz?
Not really, sure you feel more energetic, but it wears of pretty quickly.

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