torsdag 12 juli 2012

JuliSkum - Päronglass Och Cola

We're half past christmas and santa is sleeping sound at the north pole.
No wait, he's on vacation?
Yes, this year santa apparently decided he needed a vacation and went to the beach.
Just look at the packaging.
His jolly self at the beach, playing with a beach ball.
Even santa suffers from the greenhouse effect.

I've written about marshmallow santas before.
They are very popular at christmas time in Sweden. [JuleSkum Polka 2011]
This time however, they are flavoured mor like summer:
Pear ice cream and Cola.

The green one is obviously pear ice cream.
And it smells kind of like pear ice cream, but more artifical.
These where actually ok, with a sweet taste of pear.
They don't really taste like ice cream though...

And the brown one is cola flavoured.
It kind of smells like Coca-Cola, but tastes more like Igloo ice cream.
I don't usually like marshmallow santas, but these tasted a lot better.

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