fredag 6 september 2013

Whoppers Strawberry Milkshake

I have written about Whoppers before.
Almost a year ago acctually.
Back then, they were peanut butter flavoured [Reese's Whoppers Peanut Butter].
But this time, they are strawberry milkshake flavoured.

I really like the box. There is lots going on.
From the pink milkshake color to the Whoppers font.
Also, it shows perfectly what you are getting yourself into.
Malt balls, pink, strawberries and milkshake, all combined into one.

The balls have no particular smell, at least I can not detect it.
Which is a shame because strawberry milkshake smells terrific.
At least if it is done right.

The balls are pretty chewy and a bit crispy in the middle.
There is a taste of strawberries and a taste of milk.
But it is very chemical and kind of faint.
Although the taste is still kind of nice, I would not call it "milkshaky".

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