torsdag 19 september 2013

FritoLay Cheetos x Pepsi Shuwa Shuwa Cola Corn Snack [Limited Edition]

I can not believe it! I made it another year.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this blog turns two years today.
I remember the beginning like it was yesterday.
When I started this blog I only had a dream... A dream and lots of candy.

And here I am, two years and 119 (including this one) posts later.
A lot of candy and snacks has been eaten and a lot of soda has been tested.
But I promise you, there will be more. I do not have less things to try, I have more!

Today is a day of celebration.
And what better when celebrating, than some soda and snacks.
Or why not both? At the same time?
Here we have Pepsi flavoured Cheetos.
You read correctly, Pepsi Flavored Cheetos!

This is a Limited Edition snack and a cooperation between Fritolay and Pepsi.
Now Fritolay likes to try new flavours, but this is just crazy.
In other words, perfect for my blog.
First of all, the packaging is very nice.
It is blue and fresh, with a big cup of Pepsi soda floating on a river of the snack itself.
Look at that cup go. It looks like it is having the time of its life.
But what now? It fell over drenching the snack with its Pepsi content.
However will this taste?

The snack does not smell that much of Pepsi actually.
But if you stick your nose into the bag, oh my, there is lots of Pepsi scent in that bag.
One thing to clear out. The Shuwa Shuwa in the name, it kind of means the sound that the bubbles in a soda can makes.
And yes, the snack also smells like carobnated soda.

But what about the taste you ask?
That is a good question and I really like you for asking it.
The taste, is... Well, weird as you might imagine.
The first thing you taste is acctually the carbonation.
It is kind of a sharp and bubbly flavor. It acctually fizzes a bit in your mouth.
When that immediate flavour has gone, there is an after taste of cola.
The taste is kind of bitter, but at the same time sweet.
The kind of flavor you get from a flat pepsi soda.

But are they any good? Well, yes and no.
The flavor is good in the sense that it is very weird and like nothing I have ever tried before.
But I would not call them tasty. I would call them impressive.
To go so far flavor wise.

I will now end this celebration and hope for another year filled with candynstuff.

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