torsdag 26 september 2013

Oreo Chestnut Crunch

An Oreo chocolate bar with a chestnut flavoring.
That sounds like a sure thing, right?
The bar is pretty small, which is perfect if you just want a small snack.
I have been seeing more and more of these non-cookie versions of Oreo.
And I like it, the more the merrier.

I have always liked the Oreo package color.
And this is no exception. It has that nice blue color.
But, it is also orange and that does not really give me visions of chestnuts.
More of an orange flavoring.
I like oranges, but the package should not give the wrong idea.

It does not smell like chestnuts or chocolate.
But it does have a strong smell of coffee, which is pretty weird considering.
So far we have a package that makes you think of oranges and a smell of coffee.
Will the flavor justify these "errors"?
Well, no. It tastes of coffee too.
And that is actually OK. The coffee flavor is really nice.
But this is supposed to be chestnut flavored, so I am a bit disappointed.

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