torsdag 16 augusti 2012

Estrella Loud & Tasty Cheese Burger Potato Chips [Limited Edition]

Well, someone at Estrella decided to go all-out with these.
Usually, potato chips in Sweden are pretty standard.
Sourcream and onion, pepper, salt... That kind of thing.
But these, they are adventurous.
Promising a smell and taste of freshly made cheese burgers.
Will they live up to the hype?

Well, i think so?
I don't really know how chips with cheese burger flavour is supposed to smell and taste.
Opening the bag, there is a kind of burnt smell filling the room.
It sure doesn't smell like McDonalds och Burger King.
It's not really pleasant and it lingers for a long time.
But what about the flavour?
There is a disctinct cheese burger flavour... Kind of like McDonalds cheese burgers.
But there is also something burnt in the flavour. Same as the smell.
This makes them not so tasty.
They are fun to try, but a few chips are enough for me at least.

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