söndag 4 maj 2014

Giant Star Wars Lightsaber Pockys

Today is May the 4th and that means it is International Star Wars Day.
A day for all fans and nerds to celebrate the behemoth that is Star Wars.
Because I am a huge Star Wars nerd, I to have to celebrate this day.

And that means, candy... Star Wars candy.
Pocky is a very popular candy in Japan.
It is basically a biscuit stick with flavour or covered in something with flavour.
These giant lightsaber *woosh* Pockys are an official team-up with Lucasarts.
No shortcuts here.

There are two kinds of packages, one featuring the evil dark lord Darth Vader.
And one featuring the good, but whiny, jedi Luke Skywalker.
Both boxes are really awesome, but of course I like the Vader one best.
It is so sinister (yes, I should save this for "Revenge of The 5th", but I just can not help it).
Each box contains six lightsabers in three colours and flavours.
The green saber is green tea flavoured, the blue grape flavoured.
And the red (pink?), strawberry flavoured.
We all know Darth loves his strawberries.

The green one actually has a smell of tea. It is very faint but it is there. Like a tremor in the force.
The taste is a bit more strong, like really sweet green tea.
The blue one smells a lot of grape. Chemical grape. To much if you ask me.
It tastes a bit like grape, I guess. It has a kind of weird flavour.
Last but not least, the red evil lightsaber has a smell of sweet strawberries.
And a taste of even sweeter strawberries. Of the three, I like this one the most.

That is all from me today. I am gonna go watch Star Wars.
May the 4th be with you!

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