söndag 13 juli 2014

Mission Brasil Football Chicken Nuggets

As most of the world know, the football world cup has been going on the last couple of weeks.
I am not a hardcore fan, but I do enjoy watching a match or two.
And I thought to myself, who can I incorporate the world cup into this blog.
And then I found them, football chicken nuggets.

Just look at that package. Those small football dudes look so cool.
And the fact that they are using a cherry tomato as a ball is cute.
I knew I had to write about them.

The package is pretty amazing. Pretty good for low-budget chicken nuggets.
It kinda screams of football and samba.
With this kind of packaging, I was sure in for a treat.

But lo and behold, I was very dissapointed.
Only one football dude in the whole package!
Ok, there are nine world cup trophies, making me the ultimate winner.
But still, I wanted football dudes I could pose for the camera.

The nuggets are your standard chicken nuggets.
They smell and taste just like chicken nuggets.

Germany won! Yey!

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