tisdag 29 oktober 2013

KitKat Pumpkin Pudding

I do not think I have ever eaten pumpkin pudding.
But there is a first for everything.
And now I get to do it in Japanese chocolate style.
Most people would not really be scared of a chocolate bar.
Much less a KitKat?

But, come on... Just look a that pumpkin on the bag.
He has created a kind of symbiosis with the chocolate.
And he is a really evil dude.
Those kids in the corner disappeared after I took the picture.
He ate them, right of the package.
His buddy, the "friendly" ghost, repainted the whole package black.
Inside the bag there are different small packages of KitKat.
All depicting kids with different Halloween costumes.

The chocolate is milk chocolate based.
It does not really smell like anything but chocolate.
Come to think of it, what does pumpkin in chocolate smell like?
I do know what pumpkin should taste like, and it is nothing like this.
The coconut flavor is overwhelming.
Maybe it was not coconut?
Maybe it was poison?
Damn you evil pumpkin!
And your ghost to!

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