torsdag 17 januari 2013

Look o Look Candy Money

Have you ever dreamed of being so rich that you can eat money?
Well, actually I have not. Why eat money?
I am sure there are some people out there with such a dream.
And now that dream can come true.

Look o Look is a dutch company that makes that kind of crappy candy you find everywhere but really never buy.
Well, this time I could not help myself from buying something.
I payed real money for the privilege of eating candy money!

They come in the form of Swedish money.
Fifty and five hundred SEK to be precise.
Taking them out of the packaging gave me a feeling.
A feeling that I was rich, filthy rich.
But alas, I was fooled yet again.

The "money" is really thin but not that fragile.
It has a faint, faint, faint smell of sugar.
I guess they are made of rice papper, but I do not really know.
They have almost no taste at all.
But they melt kind of weird in your mouth.

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