torsdag 21 mars 2013

Maxim Café Menu Oreo

Oreoflavoured coffe?
Go ahead and take my money.
Maxim and Oreo decided to put their best minds together and they came up with this.
Small pouches of joy.

All you have to do is boil some water.
Pour the water in a cup.
Open the pouch and add the powder to the water, Then stir.
What you are left with is a bubbly café latte.

I think that the packaging has managed to capture the Oreo spirit.
It has a nice blue colour palette. I really like it.

It has a nice smell of café latte but also of something else.
It is a nice smell.
But what about the taste?

It is sweet, so sweet. To sweet.
I can not taste anything resembling Oreo.
It is simply to sweet.
It is a shame really.
This could have been som much better.

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