torsdag 9 augusti 2012

Toffee Yogurt With Toffee Sprinkles

Back in June, I wrote about a yogurt with toffee popcorn in it [Toffee Popcorn Yogurt].
As you know, I didn't really like it.
And now I'm sitting here with another weird yogurt (ok, there's no popcorn in it, but still weird), trying to decide if it's breakfast or desert...
There's toffee in this one too.

It's Toffee Yogurt with Toffee Sprinkles and it's, you guessed it, weird.
It smells like candy and sugar and toffee and more sugar!
And it looks, well... You can see for yourselfs.
But what about the taste? It's not yogurt, that's for sure...
It's tastes more like pudding. Supersweet toffee pudding.
The toffee sprinkles are nice, they are kind of crunchy and adds more depth to the creation.
In the end I can confirm, that this is not a yogurt, but a desert.

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