torsdag 21 juni 2012

Pepsi Pink [Limited Edition]

Tomorrow is Midsummer's Eve in Sweden.
On this day in Sweden, we eat the year's first potatoes and soused herring with chives and sour cream.
What is more important, is the desert, which is strawberries and milk.
And what suits better to try today, than the Pepsi Pink.
Of course flavoured with strawberries and milk.
This is a limited edition flavour from 2011, of course from Japan.

First of all, it's really pink.
You can't really see it in the pictures, but believe me, it's PINK.
I can't really place what it smells like, but it doesn't really smell like strawberries.
More like sweet and tangy.
But if the scent is a disappointment, the taste isn't.

It tastes a lot like strawberries in milk. Very tasty.
It gives you a nostalgic feeling from when you were a child and couldn't wait to eat a bowl of strawberries and milk.
Even after a few gulps, the taste of strawberries is really strong.
I enjoyed this one, but i enjoy weird things, so you have to make up your own mind...

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