torsdag 14 mars 2013

Rusti Chips Sirtaki Tzatziki Flavour [Limited Edition]

March is two weeks in, and still no post from this blog?
That is bad, very bad.
So why not write about potato chips with tzatziki flavouring?

What is that you say?
That sounds like a good idea?
Well All-righty-then.

These are made by Rusti Chips, based in Germany.
I like greek food.
And I especially like a good Tzatziki to go with my greek food.

The round Pringles, sorry... Rusti Chips container is very neat.
The chips are being thrown at you by the greek flag.
There is also some ancient greek ruins pictured on the packaging.
Will these chips be the ruin of me?

For those of you that are interested, Sirtaki is a popular dance from greece.
So, if you are in the mood for dancing potato chips, these are for you.

Upon opening the container, you are greated with the strong smell of tzatziki.
And that is great, that is just what we want them to smell like.
The taste, is unfortunately a bit more tame.
It tastes more like garlic than tzatziki.
But they are still nice and would probably do nice as an add-on snack for your greek dinner.

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