torsdag 28 februari 2013

7-Up Cherry

I am a huge fan of 7-Up.
It has a nice refreshing lemon/lime taste to it that makes it just perfect.
I prefer it to Sprite or other cheap versions.
I also am a huge fan of cherries.
Cherries are great, they have a round sweet taste that goes together with most things.
So naturally, I should like 7-Up Cherry?

First of all, I think they nailed it with the can.
I think it is perfect, nice cherry graphics and colours.
Therefore I was a bit disappointed that the beverage itself was not "cherry coloured".
I would really have liked it to to be that instead of just regular see-through coloured.

I was more thrilled to find out that it smells like cherries... A lot like cherries.
I love the smell of cherries.
It tastes lovely too.
A sweet taste of cherries mixed with the regular taste of lemon/lime.
Although this was a great beverage, I must say I prefer the original version.

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