torsdag 28 mars 2013

M&M's White Chocolate Carrot Cake [Limited Edition]

I never thought I would see the day, when there would be M&M's with carrot cake filling.
But alas, it is Easter, and here they are.
I see what they did here.
At Easter, there are Easter bunnies.
And bunnies eat carrots.
And in human terms, that makes carrot cake?
It seems like a weird combination.
But I like carrot cake, so why not?

The packaging is sexy, in a way an M&M packaging could be considered sexy.
And features the green female M&M with bunny ears.
It also has a nice yellow Easter color.
And of course, lots of text proclaiming the artificial flavors.
Like we would believe they crammed carrot cakes into those tiny M&M's.

The M&M's are based on white chocolate and comes in yellow, green and red pastel colors.
Upon opening the bag, you are treated to a deep smell of carrot cake.
Yes, it actually smells like carrot cake.
But, I do not know if the inside of the bag has gotten a scent boost.
Because each individual M&M does not smell that much.
Still, it is a nice smell.

The taste, well... They taste kind of like carrot cake.
I am not used to carrot cake with this much cinnamon in it.
It still is av very cake like taste and I like it.
Sadly, after a few pieces, the white chocolate starts to take over.

Happy Easter to all of you!

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  1. where do you find all of this?

  2. A little bit of everywhere.
    There is a Swedish shop called
    Also sometimes i buy from eBay and from Japan.