torsdag 4 april 2013

M&M's Coconut

I was gonna book a trip to a tropical island.
But then, I changed my mind and bought these instead.
Coconutflavoured M&M's.
What do you think, did I make a great deal or what?

This is pretty far from their normal flavours.
But hey, so was the carrot cake ones.
I think the bag is very lovely.
White, with even whiter dots.
And a green tropical isle female M&M.

The M&M's come in three colours.
White, brown and green.
Representing the three stages of a coconut (I guess).

They have a deep smell of coconut eminating from them.
It is like when you open a can of coconut milk.
And the smell goes straight to your nose.

I do not know if the different colours are supposed to taste different.
But I do not think so.
They taste a lot like coconut.
Almost to much.
If I did not know that they are artificially flavoured.
I would think that there was actual coconut in them.

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