torsdag 20 september 2012

Yorkie Raisins And Biscuits

First created in 1976 Eric Nicoli, the Yorkie is aimed at men.
Which you can see by their slogan, "It's not for girls!".
This has gotten people with to much time on their hands something to do, calling a choclate bar sexist.
Come on people, it's a gimmick.

The Yorkie is available in a range of different flavours, but this particular one is raisins and biscuits.
It has a smell of regular milk chocolate.
Tastes like it to, kind of like Toblerone.
I've tasted the plain version of the Yorkie as well, and it's kind of plain and boring.
This one is a lot better. The raisins give it flavour and the biscuits make it chunkier.
The packaging is kind of cool, with the O replaced by a no-girls-allowed-sign, enhancing their slogan.

And yes, I shared this with a girl...

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