torsdag 13 september 2012

Reese's Whoppers Peanut Butter

Whoppers are like Maltesers, malted milk balls.
First introduced by Overland Candy Company in 1939, but under then name Giants.
They didn't get their signature name until 1947.
Available in several flavours and today I'll be testing the Peanut Butter version.
Opening the package gives you a faint scent of peanut butter.
You can almost not smell it, but it's there.

They are very crispy and it's fun to crush them with your teeth.
The peanut butter taste is there.
It's kind of subtle but that's still nice.
I liked them and I shared them with others that also liked them.
I you can get your hands on a package, I would recommend that you try them.

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