torsdag 6 september 2012

KitKat Royal Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea is the Japanese version of the British tea.
It is basically tea (hot or cold) with loads of sugar and milk.
Despite it pretending to be British, it has nothing to do with British tea.
It is totally a Japanese invention and is, from what I've heard, supersweet.
Enough to give you sugar disease?

Well, anyway... This is KitKats version of the beverage.
Not having tasted actual Royal Milk Tea from Japan, I can't really judge if it is similar or not.
But I can still give you my verdict about it.

It's based on white chocolate and on opening the bag, it smells a lot like tea.
Does it taste like tea? Yes, it has a faint taste of tea hiding in a mix of sweetness.
Yes, it's very sweet. Almost to much.
But, it's a fun combination that lingers in your mouth for a while.

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