tisdag 21 oktober 2014

Halloween Blood Orange Pumpkin Juice Drink

It is getting darker for every minute that goes by.
There is a chill in the air.
The screams of a thousand ghouls and ghosts are increasing in volume.
Yes boys and girls, Halloween is coming.
And what better way to start the celebration than with some juice made from blood!

Blood orange that is... And some pumpkin thrown in for that autum feeling.
This is a juice from Solevita who apparently makes lots of different flavours.
But only one flavour can satisfy my needs this season.
A Halloweeny flavour.

The carton is orange, as it should be, but besides the haunted house and bats, it is not that scary.
I mean, the cat looks like we just caught him doing something it should not have.
And the scarecrow is too damn happy.
This did not scare me at all.

I must admit, I have never tasted pumpkin juice before.
And I think the juice both smells and taste of blood orange and not much else.
But I could be wrong.
The pumpkin flavour could be hiding somewhere waiting to scare my stomach silly.

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