fredag 19 september 2014

Celebrating With Twinkies! - Part 2

That is right people.
This blogg is now three years young!
I do not know how it happened, but it happened.
I know that the amount of posts have been pretty scarce.
But I promise to make it up to you during the rest of the year.
And what a time we have left of the year, first the Halloween season.
And then the Christmas season.

But enough blabbering.
I am here to talk to you about Twinkies.
"But wait! Did you not talk about Twinkies at your first anniversary?" - You say.
Why yes, thank you for remembering.
A lot has happened since last time.
Hostess defaulted and then was reborn.
And lovers of Twinkies everywhere rejoiced.
They are calling it the "Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever".
And another thing... These are not your regular Twinkies.
These have a banana cream filling.

First let me talk about the box.
The box is... Wait, What?
Where is Twinkie the Kid?
Did they get rid of him?
Now the box just looks a bit tacky.
It is very random, but at least there are bananas flying around.

The Twinkies looks just like regular Twinkies.
But they have a nice smell of ripe bananas.
Which is a favorite smell of mine.
They taste as they should taste, unhealthy.
The banana flavour is not that prominent, but it is there.

And that is all I have to say today.
I sincereley hope there are people still reading this blogg.
If there are, please give me a comment or something :)

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