torsdag 13 juni 2013

Cookies 'N Cream Bites

Now, we are getting somewhere.
Cookies 'N Cream is what I call, the non-licensed version of Oreos.
They often taste like Oreos, but are not Oreos.
These are Oreo... Cookies 'N Cream Bites.
White chocolate balls with crumbled pieces of cookies.

The box is a lot better than most of the other boxes.
They have gone with the Oreo-blue with milk swishing away cookies and bites alike.
I do not know why, but I like this box.
At least there is something happening.

They smell a lot like cream, but not that much of cookies.
I do not know, I kind of want the cookie smell to, but you can not have everything.

The taste is also more cream than cookies.
Which is also a bummer.
They are not bad, not bad at all.
But I kind of hade Oreos pictured in my head when I tried them.

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