söndag 17 november 2013

Saturnus 1893 Med Smak Av Hallon & Lakrits

We are now halfway between Halloween and the Christmas season.
And what better way, than to celebrate with a kind of hybrid.
I have written before that mulled wine is a big part of Christmas here in Sweden.
And mulled wine is what we have here.
But for some reason it is flavored with something I wrote about on Halloween last year.
Hallon-Lakrits-Skallar. Or Raspberry Licorice Skulls in English.
Yes, this mulled wine is flavored with a Halloween candy (sort of).
I do not really know what went through their heads when creating it.
But it must have been both something sinister and jolly.

The packaging is pretty standard.
The company, some text and the aforementioned candy at the bottom.
Nothing fancy.
The liquid is a very dark red color.
And has a smell of regular mulled wine but also a hint of raspberry and licorice.
It is quite weird. Because it is nothing you would expect from mulled wine.
But what about the taste? Is it more jolly than sinister?
Well, no. It is very strange.
There is of course the taste of regular mulled wine.
But also a strong taste of candy, raspberry/licorice candy.
It is a bit to sweet actually.

Now I think I have to go watch Nightmare Before Christmas.
It is also an hybrid och Halloween and Christmas.

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