torsdag 21 november 2013

Cap'N Crunch's Cinnamon Roll Crunch Cereal

Before we begin with all this Christmas business.
I need some breakfast.
And why not some really "healthy" cereal?
This is not my first time trying Cap'N Crunch's cereal.
More reviews are sure to come.

Some people eat cereals for breakfast, some eat cinnamon rolls.
And why not combine the two?
This cereal is supposed to infuse the taste and sensation of eating cinnamon rolls.
From the cinnamon taste to the creamy frosting.

Upon opening the package, the room is filled with a nice cinnamon roll scent.
It is almost like you just took some newly baked rolls from the oven.
Filling a bowl with cereal and some milk made the cereal crackle a bit.
They are pretty nice and tastes a lot of cinnamon.
Although I can not taste the frosting, it is almost like eating cinnamon rolls.

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