torsdag 14 februari 2013

Plopp Kärlek

Today is Valentine's day.
A time for love and togetherness or compulsive eating/gaming.

Plopp has been around since 1949 and the original flavour is chocolate filled with toffee.
It is a very nice and sweet piece of chocolate.
Now, there is a version that is suited for Valentine's.
Kärlek means love in Swedish.
It is toffee flavoured with raspberry jelly white truffles with bits of raspberry.

I am a bit disappointed with the smell.
It is a very chemical smell.

But the taste, the taste is very nice.
It is a mix of sweet raspberries and the thick flavour of truffles.
I do not know if the flavour is the flavour of love, but it is still nice.

I want to wish my sweet girlfriend a lovely Valentine's! Love you!

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