torsdag 23 maj 2013

Cupcake Bites With Sprinkles

What? It has already been two weeks?
I better step up my game.

Today we have Cupcake Bites With Sprinkles.
Last time we looked at Red Velvet Cupcake Bites and I liked them.
Can these, more generic cupcake bites win me over?

Except for the yellow part (which of course takes up most of the box).
The packaging is very cupcake. Lots of pastel.
Now these are not regular cupcake bites.
They also contains sprinkles.
Which makes the so much better than regular cupcake bites.

They smell a lot like frosting, which of course, is a main ingredient.
In other words, they smell like cream cheese and butter (and sugar!).
These tastes very nice.
If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine your eating real cupcakes.
And the sprinkles?
Yes, they are awesome!
They make the flavor a lot better.

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