fredag 14 mars 2014

Fanta Ume

Fanta Japan... I just love how you are willing to try different flavours.
This time we have the Fanta Ume.
Ume is a Japanese plum and is supposedly inedible because it is very, very sour.
It is usually pickled or made into a juice or liqueur.
But here it is in the form of a carbonated soft drink.

The lable on the bottle is kind of simple for a Japanese soft drink.
But nevertheless, it shows the fruit and the green/yellow colour palette is nice.
It has a very sweet scent that is very plum like.
It is actually very pleasant and it makes my mouth water.
The flavour is also very sweet and has a nice tone of plum.
I think the flavour is perfectly balanced between the sweet and the fruity.
This is, so far, my favourite Fanta flavour.

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